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We focus exclusively on environments through the lens of interior architecture. We are highly connected agents of change, committed to creativity, innovation, growth, & our communities.

Through innovation, research, and building on smart, highly creative solutions that embody our clients’ brands, we advance the field. As an employee-owned firm, our diverse and multi-talented professionals are passionate, intense, and deeply client focused.

We’re inspired working alongside our clients to resolve complex issues and design highly energized environments where people thrive. Through our work we strive to share our passion with our clients.

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We arrive at inspired and lasting solutions by translating needs into action.


We commit to hiring, nurturing, and working with the best and treating everyone with respect.


Our ethical business practices guide all of our interactions. We stake our reputation on doing the right thing.


We love what we do and come to work every day with unparalleled vigor, drive, and dedication.


We create the latest thinking for wellness and environmental practices, as responsible stewards for people, resources, and communities.


We bring the best ideas and solutions to the table, crafted by different people from different places with different perspectives.


We’re committed, reliable, and   trusted – all hallmarks of how we do business.


As an employee-owned firm, we’re hands-on. We do what it takes to get the right result.


Nimble, quick, and efficient, we anticipate needs and seek opportunities. We resolve issues with a sense of urgency across all levels.


As strategic thinkers, we define the conversation and set standards through our transformative work. As such, we shape the global design dialogue.


We actively engage in this process to truly understand marketplace and individual needs.


We’re confident, level-headed, humble enough to know that our clients as partners are the stars. As such, we take our work seriously, not ourselves. We want what’s best for clients.


Ecostudio.design – a multi-natinal company, is a leading & reputed in the  field of designing-consultancy-construction industry. It is a creative & specialized company for interior-architectural design; construction, Landscaping, spatial innovations,  exhibition design and brand communication.

A decade of steady growth has seen the Dhaka-based outfit firmly establish itself  in the design field, specializing in turnkey projects that range from residential,  Commercial to Private sectors.

With a strong team, now covering various design specialisms, it offers what amounts to a ‘one-stop shop’ for its clients, constantly upgrading its  services in order to be able to act both as the client’s representative and surveyor,  as well as project manager. Great emphasis is placed on using Bangladesh’s world- renowned strengths in high-quality interior craftsmanship.

The success – see the enclosed client list – is based upon its simple  but highly effective approach: understand and interpret.

Its designers gain an intimate knowledge and understanding of what each  individual client desires, then realize that idea by interpreting it architecturally in  order to provide a sense of place, and comfort, then adding a sense of drama and  theatre – producing a stage upon which the clients themselves are both actor and  audience.

Utilizing its varied experience, plus classic Palladian and Contemporary style,  the designers combine architectural aesthetics with practicality. The  aim is always to satisfy the particular needs of each individual client, be they  private or corporate. But crucially, everything is done within the watchwords of  ‘budget’ and ‘timeframe’.

The knowledge of interior design and architecture at an  international level, plus its expertise in new technologies, enables its designers to  work within a framework of efficiency in order to provide best value for money.

Ecostudio.design has already successfully partnered some of the major players in  both residential, Commercial to Private fields, both in Bangladesh and abroad.


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